XPG INFAREX R10 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad


  • OMR 14.000

  • Compatible with Windows 10/ 7/ Vista/ XP
  • RGB INFAREX R10 Mouse Pad with 3 lighting modes to choose from
  • Extra tough and scratch-resistant PVC surfaces
  • High-quality silicone anti-slip rubber to provide superior grip on the surface underneath
  • 1 Year Warranty

Brighten Up the Gaming Experience - RGB Lighting Effects

The Best Warriors Need the Best Weapons

Simply tap the surface of the INFAREX R10 to switch between nine different lighting modes, thus creating different atmospheres for different games. The INFAREX R10 comes with three different lighting modes: mono-colored lights (7 colors to choose from), cycling lights, and pulsing lights, which make it a set that would be attractive to gaming devotees. Gamers can configure their gaming experience according to their preferences, to help them get in the zone and defeat all enemies. 

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