GoPro Fusion 360 Spherical Action Camera


  • OMR 285.000

The GoPro Fusion 360 Spherical Action Camera lets you capture the world in every angle. It lets you relive your memorable moments in quality. This GoPro action camera captures incredible 18MP photos and 5.2K videos by shooting in every direction at once. Moreover, the ultra-smooth stabilization of this camera ensures professional-grade results. The OverCapture feature lets you turn 5.2K spherical videos into 1080p videos. You can transform the captured spherical photos into traditions shots for easy saving and sharing. By installing the GoPro app on your phone, you can edit videos, playback, and preview shots. Also, you can share the captured videos and photos on the spot. Also, the spherical footage captured by this camera can be played back in VR to enjoy a truly immersive 360-degree experience. Lastly, the built-in extension pole and tripod help you set up the camera for a perfect shot every time.

This GoPro action camera captures spherical photos and videos, which is ideal for recording everything around you, so you can find the best shots while editing. The OverCapture feature lets you transform spherical footage and pictures into traditional photos and videos. All the more, the GoPro app enables you to share them right on your phone. You can crop the captured 18MP spherical photos to create standard resolution photos, which are easier to save and share. This GoPro camera also lets you play spherical footages on VR for a life-like experience.

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